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Mutt Strutt Nashville 2024 : All The Things You Should Know

Every spring, the heart of Nashville beats in sync with paws of all sizes at the Music City Mutt Strutt. This event isn’t just a race; it’s a lifeline for homeless and at-risk shelter pets facilitated by the Nashville Humane Association. 


The Mutt Strutt is more than just a 5K—it’s a celebration of the community’s commitment to its furry friends, set against the picturesque backdrop of Shelby Bottoms Greenway.

Event Overview

Mark your calendars for May 19, 2024, from 7:30 am to 11:00 am, and prepare to join hundreds of other dogs and their human companions. Whether you opt for the full 5K or take a leisurely 1-mile walk, your participation is a stride towards a better future for countless animals.

Why Your Support Matters

Every dollar raised through this event enables the Nashville Humane Association to provide essential medical care, a loving temporary home, and fun toys to brighten the days of pets awaiting adoption. This money raised goes beyond just the basics—mutt strutt enables foster a nurturing environment where these animals can thrive while awaiting their forever homes.

The Course

The event features a well-marked course suitable for participants of all ages and fitness levels. Water stations and small snacks will be available to keep both two-legged and four-legged athletes hydrated and energized.

Team Spirit

Feeling competitive or want to multiply your impact? Gather friends, family, or co-workers and form a team. Not only will you help raise more funds, but you’ll also enjoy a special bonding experience with your group—and, of course, with the many dogs in attendance.

Participation Guidelines

To ensure a safe and enjoyable day for everyone, participants are asked to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • All dogs must remain on leashes. Non-retractable leashes are strongly encouraged to prevent mishaps.

  • Be prepared to tidy up after your pet to keep the venue clean and pleasant for everyone.

  • Ensure your pet is comfortable with crowds and other animals to avoid stress for both your pet and others.

Remember the Cause

With every step taken on race day, participants help the Nashville Humane Association move closer to its goal of providing care and finding homes for pets. Last year alone, the enthusiasm and generosity of Mutt Strutt participants played a pivotal role in supporting these endeavors.

Join the Fun

Ready to make a difference? Sign up for the Mutt Strutt Nashville, put on your t-shirt, and strut your stuff at one of the most engaging events in the area. Whether you’re run, walk, or just enjoying Mutt Strutt, you’re championing a cause that touches the hearts of thousands in and around Nashville.

You’re not just part of a race; you’re part of a much larger family committed to animal welfare. Your participation sends a powerful message of hope and support to every corner of the community, helping to ensure that no pet is forgotten.

For more details and to register, please visit the official page of Nashville Humane Association Mutt Strutt . Let’s make this year’s Mutt Strutt the best one yet!

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